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    Can't tell you who yet

    Designed the whole thing for a really big DIY tax web app and a bunch of other internal stuff for a really big tax company. Giving them a new, modern personality. Read more

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    A bunch of digital and interactive stuff. iTunes, iPhone and iPad ads for Thanksgiving, Black Friday, Christmas, etc. Read more

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    Equinox Fitness

    Digital lead brochure for grand opening of Equinox Chestnut Hill Club... Read more

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    Degree Deodorant

    Digital assets for Degree Deodorant campaign... Read more

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    Roby Powers

    Digital look book & iPad app for Roby Powers. Stylist and educator for TIGI... Read more

Thanks for stopping by. My name is Derek, but I like to call myself human and what I do, human design. There's a very specific reason for this. Aside from being a human, I believe referring to myself as such is the best way to stay grounded and remember why I love doing this stuff. Allow me to digress for a moment. Every morning at 8am an alarm sounds on my phone and it simply says, "Be thematic." Its just a little reminder to constantly think about the human narrative.

I originally got into art and design so that I could create realy cool looking stuff, but over time, I've evolved in my thinking and approach to this whole design thing. I want to create, build and cultivate a dialogue, a relationship with other humans. Gone are the days of simply pushing products and ideas on people. They don't like it and neither do I.

It's no secret our tecnology is moving at exponential speeds. So fast, that our lives are actually accelerating. Folks are getting news, info, feeds and data constantly. Accompanying this are all the crappy ads and campaigns that have trained us to tune out. Personally, I've developed the ability to ignore nearly every ad and commercial I come across. Rarely does one stand out. If you're tired of the crap too and want to work with someone who believes designing for the future should have meaning and purpose, by all means, let's begin a conversation.